Using the sensationalist title of an article published on the news portal at 1:57 p.m. on 12 May 2017, several media service providers have been stating that the temporary security fence along the Hungarian border is being electrified. In contrast, as is also clear if one reads the article carefully, the truth is that the border fences are not being electrified.

A security alarm system capable of locational detection, and which operates using low-voltage electric impulses, has been set up along a 10 kilometre stretch parallel to the double border fence. The alarm system has been rated for protection against electric shock, and in accordance with the related regulations the international rating agency has declared it incapable of endangering human health. The security alarm system will be put into commission along the full length of the Hungarian-Serbian border.

Some work-related injuries have occurred during the establishment of the alarm system, with relation to which the contractor is available for comment. The police have not been contacted in this regard.

(Ministry of Interior)