In Hungary so far four foreign nationals have been diagnosed with the coronavirus infection. These are individual cases, and the goal is to prevent the development of group cases, the head of the Operational Corps responsible for the containment of the coronavirus infection announced at a press conference held after the corps meeting on Friday in Budapest.

Tibor Lakatos said there are three Iranian nationals and a British man among the infected. The former are in the Szent László Hospital in Budapest, while the fourth infected person is in the Kenézy Gyula Hospital in Debrecen. He highlighted that the coronavirus had appeared in all neighbouring countries, having infected 43 persons in Austria, 11 persons in Croatia, 6 persons in Romania, 12 persons in the Cech Republic, while in Slovakia and Poland each there is 1 confirmed case. János Szlávik, head physician of the South Pest Central Hospital – National Institute for Haematology and Infectious Diseases said one of the Iranian university students is showing mild symptoms, while the other one had a severe cough, but is fine now. His girlfriend, however, will remain in hospital for some time as expected. The man hospitalised in Debrecen had symptoms indicating kidney failure, and therefore received infusion therapy.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)