“The demolishing of the border barrier is part of George Soros’s plan, but the Government is taking a frim stand in defence of the border barrier, and is asking the people to put forwards their opinions on the issue at the national Consultation”, the Ministry of Interior’s Parliamentary State Secretary said at a press conference in Budapest on Monday.

Károly Kontrát told reporters: In September 2015, George Soros explained that one million immigrants should be brought into the European Union every year, and on 30 October of the same year in a statement to Bloomberg, he wrote that that the plan is aimed at protecting refugees, “the obstacle to which are national border guards”. “George Soros also recommended that the EU should establish secure channels for bringing in immigrants”, he noted. “Accordingly, the Hungarian border barrier stands in the way of Soros’s plan, but the Hungarian Government will continue to take a firm stand in defence of the need for the border barrier”, Mr. Kontrát declared, adding that the Government is asking the people of Hungary to voice their opinions in the upcoming national Consultation on the border barrier and the Soros plan.

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The State Secretary said the comments by EU Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos in June according to which it is not a good solution for member states to erect fences along their borders, and the statement by the European Commission’s Spokesperson with relation to the fact that the EU will is not funding the construction of fences and barriers along its external borders, were dangerous. “Life has proven that the Hungarian border barrier is effective”, he added.

“While the Fidesz-KDNP government is in power, the fence along the southern border will remain standing, we will not bow to “the European union’s blackmail” and will continue to reject the mandatory resettlement quota”, he declared, adding that the opposition cannot be counted on with regard to this issue, and this is why the Government is turning to the people via the National Consultation, asking them to make their opinions heard on the border barrier and the standpoint of George Soros.

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In reply to a question, the Parliamentary State Secretary said the national Consultation is an important told of democracy and allows people to voice their opinions during the government’s term in office, not just one every four years. He indicated that the latest National Consultation, which will be launched in early October, is expected to cost about the same as previous consultations. “The September ruling by the European Court of Justice ‘has opened the gates to the Soros Plan’, this is the situation we must react to, and in possession of the National Consultation we will be able to stand up in the interests of the security of the Hungarian people more effectively in Brussels”, he explained.

With relation to the Court’s decision, Mr. Kontrát noted that: “All the ruling has stated is that the quota decision is in line with EU law, but it made no stipulations with regard to the transfer of migrants”.

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“We have been saying that the borders must be protected since 2015, and life has proven us right”, he declared, noting that he is an optimist, and in view of the fact that life has proven Hungary’s standpoint with relation to border protection to be correct, he trusts that “we will also be successful within the field of law”.

The State Secretary was also asked with relation to the statement of congratulations made by Prime Minister Orbán following Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Germany, on the subject of which Mr. Kontrát said the statement is clear, and pointed out that the Prime Minister had previously spoken about the fact that it is in Hungary’s interests for Angela Merkel to be re-elected as Chancellor of Germany.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)