Hungary’s Minister of Interior evaluated the experiences gained from the unannounced demonstration on 12 December on Kossuth Square in Budapest at an operative meeting. In the name of the Government, Dr. Sándor Pintér expressed his thanks for the tenacity of law enforcement personnel.

Hungarian police have not suffered and attack of such level or intensity in the recent past, the Minister pointed out. Police who, while risking their personal safety, remained unwaveringly calm and patient even in the face of repeated attacks.

The Minister underlined that democracy had been disrupted by troublemakers. People who, with their faces covered, have confused democracy will illegality and the right to freedom of expression with violence. Because a protest that gravely violates the law, and during the securing of which nine police officers are injured, cannot be part of democracy.

Dr. Pintér explained that the police will continue to secure the right to peaceful demonstration, but while taking into account graduation, requirements and proportionality, will be preventing violence. The Minister made it clear: Everyone in Hungary must abide by the law and the primary task of police is to guarantee and secure law and order.

(Ministry of Interior)