Minister of Interior Dr. Sándor Pintér has entrusted the Director General of the Counter-Terrorism Centre (TEK), János Hajdu with directing tasks related to bringing to the surface the wreck of the boat that sank near Margaret Bridge in Budapest on 29 May 2019.

The TEK has set up an operations centre on Margaret Island to coordinate search and rescue efforts.

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The TEK, with the involvement of some sixty engineers, bridge and water experts, and Hungarian and foreign divers, is continuing to search for a safe solution with which, in the first phase, the boat itself or the persons assumed to be trapped inside the hull can be brought to the surface.

According to expert opinions, a unique solution must be found to achieve either of these targets in view of the fact that the high and continuously rising water level, the extremely strong currents and the zero underwater visibility are making the application of traditional procedures impossible.

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The possibilities are being examined using model experiments and practical test dives. In view of the conditions, it has been impossible to approach the boat during the dives performed so far.

(Ministry of Interior)