Some 4500 migrants were transported by bus to the Austrian border overnight, The Minister of Interior’s Parliamentary State Secretary Károly Kontrát announced at a press conference on Saturday morning.

In reply to a question from Hungarian news agency MTI concerning what would happen to migrants who are again congregating at Budapest’s Keleti Station, Minister of State for Government Communication András Giró-Szász said the related operative task force was continuously in session and had decided that the current situation at the Keleti Station enables the recommencement of international train services according to the usual timetable. There are currently some 150 illegal immigrants at the Keleti Station, he added.


Mr. Kontrát told the press that the operative task force’s Friday decision had been put into action and the operation had been successfully completed: illegal immigrants occupying the M1 Motorway and Hungary’s main railway line to Austria, as well as those camped at the Keleti Station, had been transported to the Austrian border.

Mr. Giró-Szász stressed that Hungary is continuing to act according to international treaties and the Friday decision by the Operative Task Force was based on the fact that a situation had developed that was endangering both rail and road traffic and human life. Hungary is continuing to handle migrants in accordance with the Schengen and Dublin regulations, he added.

Mr. Kontrát reminded the press that on Friday, Parliament had adopted the legislative package that includes 10 legislative amendments relating to illegal immigration. Hungary will protect the Schengen border and the three-part set of measures will provide physical protection in the form of the border security fence, ensure the creation of legal protection as well as providing protection in the form of manpower through the deployment of border security units, he emphasised.

The Minister of State thanked the police, the Volán bus companies, Budapest public transport (BKK), charitable organisations and the authorities of cooperating nations for their help during the operation.


In reply to a question from MTI, Mr. Giró-Szász confirmed that illegal immigrants have begun moving towards the Austrian border from the Vámosszabadi receiving station. Vámosszabadi is an open receiving station that houses registered refugees who can move freely, he stressed.

Head of National Police Headquarters’ Border Security Department László Balász told the press that action has been taken with respect to 164,926 illegal immigrants so far this year; on Friday the number of new immigrants was 2181. Action was taken with relation to 416 people between midnight and 8am on Saturday. Police have stepped up against 913 human traffickers so far this year, and detained a further six on Saturday morning.

The police oversaw the provision of 104 buses overnight, he said, adding that the police shall continue to not employ force.

Deputy Director-General of the Office of Immigration and Nationality Attila Kiss told the press that a total of 152,362 asylum requests had been registered so far this year, including more than 1700 on Friday. 3882 refugees are currently staying in the various receiving facilities.