The 2020 budget will be the budget of supporting families; the sum available for supporting families will exceed 2200 billion forints (EUR 6.8 bn) next year.

At a press conference, the Ministry of Human Capacities’ State Secretary for Youth and Family Affairs Katalin Novák said: “We are in a position to provide more funding than ever before to help families”.

“The sum available for supporting families will exceed 2200 billion forints (EUR 6.8 bn) next year, and increase of almost 250 percent compared to 2010, when 960 billion forints (EUR 2.9bn) were made available for this purpose”, she added.

“Hungary does not wish to solve its demographic challenges through immigration, but through supporting the birth of Hungarian children”, she added. The State Secretary spoke about the fact that in addition to the family subsidies already available, the Family Protection Action Plan will be launched on 1 July, and two additional elements of the plan on 1 January next year, for which the required resources are also already available in the budget.

“Overall, some 200 billion forints (EUR 1.12bn) out of the 2200 billion available for supporting families is specifically linked to the Family Protection Action Plan for next year”, she said, adding that via the baby shower subsidy young people will be able to take on over 400 billion forints (EUR 1.24bn) in interest-free loans, which may not have to be repaid at all if they have children.

“Some 300 billion forints (EUR 932 million) of next year’s budget will be spent on home creation, the Family Home Creation Programme (CSOK) and the related subsidised-interest loan, which is being expanded, and the waiving of mortgages” Mr. Novák stated, pointing out that this sum includes the Village CSOK scheme being launched on 1 July.

She drew attention to the opportunities available with relation to the family tax subsidy, which has increased again this year, in addition to which personal income tax exemptions for mothers with four children will also be introduced next year. She also mentioned that 40 billion forints (EUR 124.3 million) have been earmarked for nursery school development projects in next year’s budget.