The Day of National Solidarity, 4 June, has been one of the most important red-letter days of the Hungarian peoples since 2010.

While this day used to be pervaded by pain, by today 4 June has become the day of celebration of a strong and proud nation that draws from its past, but is looking to the future. We celebrate the fact that the Hungarian peoples have been able to continue to exist and gain strength in the Carpathian Basin even amidst the storms of history, and are also celebrating the fact that since 2010 we have implemented of host of new measures to facilitate the solidarity of the Hungarian peoples.

In 1990, Hungary’s first freely elected Prime Minister, József Antall declared: “In spirit and sentiment, I would like to be the Prime Minister of 15 million Hungarians”. Further reinforcing this spiritual heritage, the national government has enabled all of our compatriots to be Hungarian citizens not just in spirit, but also in reality.

The national government is taking responsibility for all Hungarians, and the Ministry of Human Capacities is working to ensure that the Hungarian language, Hungarian culture and the traditions of our forefathers live on, and the members of future generations also receive the spiritual nourishment that will further reinforce solidarity between the Hungarian peoples of the Carpathian Basin.

(Ministry of Human Capacities)