“School violence is more highly represented in the country’s north-eastern region than in the others”, the State Secretary for Education said on Kossuth Radio’s “Hungary!” show.

Zoltán Maruzsa added: “However, there are education institutions in all parts of the country where there is reason for the introduction of the school guard system”.

He also said that school guards will be trained by the police, but that training has not yet begun in view of the fact that the related piece of legislation has not yet been adopted by Parliament. “As soon as the legislation comes into force, hiring can also begin, so that the training of school guards can commence in August”, the State Secretary added.

“School guards will not be employed by the institutions themselves, but will be assigned to the police force, and in all cases their work will be dependent on the signing of a cooperation agreement”, he indicated.

Mr. Maruzsa highlighted the fact that there will be no school guards in church and private schools for the moment, but if such schools ask for them in future, then the system will be extended to include them.

(Ministry of Human Capacities / MTI)