“According to plan, next year’s budget will include more funding than every before for supporting families and young people starting out in life, meaning that both this year and next year will be about families”, State Secretary for Family and Youth Affairs Katalin Novák said at a press conference in Budapest on Saturday.

She added that the Family Protection Action Plan will be launched next month, including the expansion of benefits and supplements for family planning and home creation.

She explained that a “baby shower” benefit will be available to couples planning to have a child from 1 July, within the framework of which young people will be able to take on a freely-usable loan of 10 million forints, and if three children are born to them the state will waive the full sum of the loan.

“If they have two children, 30 percent of the debt will be underwritten, meaning they will only have to pay back 70 percent of the loan”, she added.

“The car purchase subsidy for families with at least three children will also become available. This means 2.5 million forints in funding towards the purchase of a new car that seats at least seven people”, she continued.

“It is characteristic of the level of interest that two thousand families have already indicated to the National Association of Large Families alone that they would like to make use of the opportunity”, she said.

“Thanks to the expansion of the Home Creation Programme, the loan linked to the CSOK scheme can now also be applied for with relation to used properties. This is 10 million forints in the case of two children and 15 million forints in the case of three children”, the State Secretary explained.

“Further assistance is provided by the fact that the state will waive one million forints from mortgages if a family has two children, 4 million forints if they have three children and another 1 million forints each for every further new-born baby”, she continued.

Among the measures to be introduced at the beginning of next year, Ms. Novák mentioned the childcare fee (GYED) for grandparents, in addition to which from 1 January women who have had four children during the curse of their lives will be exempt from paying personal income tax.