The State Ministry for Public Education of the Ministry for Human Capacities will grant 51 million forints (EUR 166,000) for public education initiatives in neighbouring countries aimed at promoting Hungarian identity and culture, the State Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

Out of the total amount, 20 million will be distributed among the 80 successful applicants out of a total 97 from Austria and the countries specified in paragraph 1 of the Law LXII from 2001., for promoting Hungarian national identity and culture. Another 21 million forints have been granted for Hungarian education in diaspora in Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and the Ukraine, contributing to travel and lodging costs for teachers and students.

Within the Julianus Program, 10 million forints will be given to trips for secondary school students to visit each other in the 2014/15 school year.
The full list of winning application can be found on

(Ministry of Human Capacities)