Minister of Human Capacities Miklós Kásler introduced his new Ministers of State on Monday in Budapest. The Minister described the newly appointed Ministers of State as experienced experts in their respective areas.

Mr Kásler said they had been given a mandate to make the lives of the Hungarian people better and more beautiful. It is a fundamental goal of the government to ensure the survival of the Hungarian nation and to make it thrive both financially and spiritually so that the nation may finally embark on an upward course after a period of demographic crisis and as many Hungarian children may be born as possible, he stressed.

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If the nation survives and relies on Hungarian history, culture and mentality, in combination with European values, the Hungarian people can have lives that are worth living, the Minister pointed out.

He also said that Hungarian education has fine traditions. He highlighted that, in addition to formal education, the way we raise our children also plays an important role. He said that, relying on Hungarian pedagogical traditions, the goal is to develop an educational system which is modern and suitable for preparing future generations for everything in the coming crucial years and decades.

Mr Kásler said he had selected his Ministers of State in a way which ensures that qualified and talented people head each sector under his supervision. Additionally, it was important that he should be able to identify with them intellectually and spiritually, and that they, too, should feel the same way. If they think in terms of team work, there are no separate areas, he stressed.

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His Parliamentary State Secretary is Bence Rétvári, while his Minister of State for Public Administration is Csaba Latorcai. Anikó Nagy will act as Minister of State for Health Care, József Bódis as Minister of State for Education, Katalin Novák as Minister of State for Family and Youth Affairs, Eszter Vitályos as Minister of State for EU Development Policy, Orsolya Pacsay-Tomassich as Minister of State for International Affairs, and Péter Fekete as Minister of State for Culture. The area of sports will be supervised by Tünde Szabó, while Attila Fülöp will be in charge of social inclusion, the Minister listed.

Mr Kásler said regarding Anikó Nagy, the Minister of State in charge of health care, that she has proved a great many times in difficult situations that she has a thorough understanding of Hungarian health care as a whole as well as of the tasks related to it.

József Bódis, the new Minister of State for Education, was Rector of the University of Pécs and head of the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference before he occupied his new position, he said.

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He described Minister of State for Culture Péter Fekete as a person who has proved his abilities in a variety of areas of culture. He added that the new Minister of State envisages a concept which helps Hungarian culture retain its place occupied in Europe, whilst enabling it to grow.

The Minister thanked his predecessor Zoltán Balog for having moved the Ministry in the spiritual direction which leads to the attainment of their goals.