In the last few years, government initiatives have resulted in doubling the number of jobs for people with disabilities, which now stands at 80,000, Minister of State for Social Affairs and Inclusion Károly Czibere said on Wednesday at the closing event presenting the results of the Rehabilitation – Value – Change project.

In his address, the Minister of State stressed that the Hungarian government is committed to helping people become active instead of living on welfare. He said that within the New Széchenyi economic plan, the government has spent HUF 5 billion (EUR 16.2 million) on facilitating the employment of people with disabilities, i.e. on competence tests for 6,300 people, the training of rehabilitation specialists and 3,000 disabled persons, highlighting that this spending was a very good investment in the future.

DownloadPhoto: Károly Árvai

The training of disabled people was carried out at the sites of three major state-owned companies at 97 locations, 85 percent of them outside Budapest, and 16 of the latter in the most disadvantaged regions.

(Ministry of Human Capacities)