In the extraordinary situation caused by the coronavirus epidemic, we have managed to organise the final examinations successfully, without any disruption, problem or scandal, the Minister of State for Public Education announced at the Friday online press conference of the Operational Group responsible for the containment of the epidemic.

Zoltán Maruzsa highlighted that this week the examinations “mobilising” the largest numbers of students have all been held. There will be further examinations until 21 May, but there are only subjects “with low student numbers” left. This means that “we are over” the hardest part, he added.

According to the Minister of State, “this was not an easy ride”; we were all under great pressure to ensure that everything should proceed smoothly. At the same time, their work was not made any easier by the pressure exerted upon them by the opposition and the media, at times “creating an air of hysteria” among members of the public regarding the expected conditions. We can conclude retrospectively, he added, that our calculations were right, and nothing happened the way it was predicted by those who were opposed to the organisation of the final examinations at this time.

Mr Maruzsa stressed that fears regarding the peak of the epidemic were unfounded, teachers did not boycott the examinations, students did not withdraw from attendance in masses, and the government has made all supplies and equipment necessary for the containment of the epidemic available comprehensively. Also according to his own personal experience, the persons concerned evidently strictly observed the safety measures, he added.

The Minister of State said it was the right decision to conduct the final examinations according to the present schedule. He thanked everyone who was involved in the examinations, primarily students themselves who observed the stringent safety measures and remained disciplined throughout the examinations. They evidently had faith in the system as hardly any of them withdrew from the examinations, he observed.

Mr Maruzsa also thanked institution heads and teachers who “courageously agreed to supervise the examinations in an extremely responsible manner, and observed the safety measures”. He further thanked staff members of the Education Office, government offices, the operators of institutions, the Klebelsberg Centre, school districts and the Ministry of Human Capacities.

(Ministry of Human Capacities/MTI)