An epidemiological investigation and contact search have been launched with immediate effect also into the case of the two Iranian students diagnosed with the new coronavirus infection in Hungary, the Chief Medical Officer informed the Hungarian news agency MTI on Wednesday.

In her communication, Cecília Müller highlighted that the two individuals had been isolated, while those sharing households with them had been quarantined in the Szent László Hospital.

With great probability, the students may have been infected in Iran. They are currently being interviewed. Based on the information gathered so far, under the professional supervision of the National Centre for Public Health, the public health experts of the disease control authority “are assessing the individuals in close contact” with the patients, she said, adding that they are conducting a contact search both in the students’ residential environments and in the higher education institutions attended by them.

The epidemiological investigation related to the case of the American students diagnosed in the Czech Republic is also under way.

Further updated information regarding the situation and the measures adopted will be provided at the Thursday press conference of the Operational Corps, the Chief Medical Officer said.

In the early evening hours of Wednesday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced on his social media account that Hungary has its first two patients who had to be taken to hospital due to coronavirus infection. They are both foreigners, students from Iran.