The Ministry of Human Resources and the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service (HMCS) has donated 99 bicycles to NGOs working in the field of drug prevention and rehabilitation in order to help the afflicted.

According to the Ministry, sports are an excellent means of getting rid of an addiction and can be highly instrumental in speeding up rehabilitation. That is why the Ministry has supported the HMCS‘s “Drug Prevention on Two Wheels” program with 7.5 million forints (EUR 25,000).

The money was used by the HMCS to purchase bicycles from a fully Hungarian-owned enterprise, Neuzer Bike Ltd, which in turn helped the drug prevention and rehabilitation cause by offering a significant discount.

Norbert Kiss, Deputy State Secretary for Youth and Sports told national news agency MTI that people should be helped to find another type of addiction, such as sports, music or reading. He said that in September another program, “Change your addiction” will begin, targeting the most vulnerable 12 to 16 age group. He said this group is the main consumer of drugs, and even if a fraction of them can be persuaded to take bicycle trips instead of resorting to the false pleasure of drugs, “we will have scored a victory”.

(Ministry of Human Resources)