In the future, too, Hungarian interests will continue to lie at the centre of all our decisions, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said on Monday at his opening address held at the conference of ambassadors in Budapest.

The Foreign Minister added that, due to the election campaign, there will be increased pressure on Hungary in the next month and a half; internal political opponents expect and wish for external help. The pressure exerted upon Hungary “in the disguise of the rule of law” will intensify, but we must continue to stand up for Hungarian interests, the Minister stressed. Mr Szijjártó also highlighted that the trade wars currently under way in the world set a new task for Hungarian foreign policy. In the past five years, we have always succeeded in breaking export records; last year, the value of exports was above EUR 105 billion, and maintaining the dynamic growth of exports and investments coming to Hungary is key to the country’s economic growth, he said. The Minister highlighted that the Hungarian goal continues to remain to ensure that Hungary’s economic growth exceed the EU average by minimum two per cent, and in this external economic results play a key role. This is why the government has transformed the investment incentive system, Mr Szijjártó said. Businesses not creating new jobs, but improving the technological standards and added value of already existing jobs are now also eligible for grants. The Foreign Minister further mentioned that, due to changes in the world economy and in world politics and the intensification of the pressure exerted, the significance of the Visegrád cooperation will continue to increase.

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade/MTI)