“According to the United Nations and the Brussels pro-immigration forces, Hungary did not act correctly in the case of Ahmed H, who attacked the Hungarian border and the police officers defending it, although the court issued a correct and legally binding verdict in accordance with Hungarian law”, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s State Secretary for Information and the International Representation of Hungary Tamás Menczer said on Hungarian M1 current affairs television on Tuesday morning.

Mr. Menczer said one of the UN’s human rights commissioners, who is one of the directors of George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, criticised the proceedings against Ahmed H. and Hungarian law, because in her opinion the events do not count as terrorism.

“According to Hungarian law, however, if someone attacks a country’s border and the police officers defending is, and wants to enter a country through force, in the interests of which they organise an attack in which police officers are injured, that’s terrorism”, he highlighted.

With relation to Saturday’s summit in Beijing, Mr. Menczer spoke about the fact that Hungary has a small, open and export-orientated economy, and accordingly it is in its interests for trade processes via land, sea and air to be as unrestricted as possible.

“Hungary’s goal is for Chinese trade goods bound for Western Europe that arrive in Greece to reach their destination countries via Hungary”, he stated.

He stressed that this means a logistical advantage, customs revenue and jobs, and is also important geopolitically. Speaking on Kossuth Radio’s “Good Morning, Hungary!” show, Mr. Menczer said relations between Hungary and China are achieving results: trade flow broke all previous records last year, and the number of tourists is also continuously increasing.