“The document under debate relating to the UN’s Global Migration Compact is a highly biased and excessively pro-immigration document”, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó stressed in an article published in Saturday’s edition of Hungarian daily Magyar Idők.

As the Minister explained, the fundamental principle behind the material under debate is that immigration and promoting immigration contributes favourably to economic growth and prosperity, and that migration is good for everybody if it occurs in an organised manner.

According to Mr. Szijjártó, however, migration “isn’t good for people who have to leave their homes and it also isn’t good for those who have to admit large numbers of immigrants from totally different cultures, who also include a good number of terrorists and easily radicalised migrants”.

According to the UN, it must be assured that national regulations handle the illegal crossing of borders as a public administration issue and not as a crime, the Foreign Minister added. “Does the UN document really promote illegal border crossing?! According to the UN should terrorists really be allowed to come and go between our countries at will?! This is incredible and unacceptable”, Mr. Szijjártó writes, adding that: “A country that is incapable of protecting its borders is no longer a country”.

As the Minister explained, according to the UN each country must make the admittance of migrants organised and continuous, and must legalise economic immigration. “Meaning feel free to come to Europe, there’s room for everyone! This is absolutely stupid and constitutes the giving up of European civilisation”, the Hungarian Foreign Minister stressed.

“If someone takes the trouble to read George Soros’s strategic plans on promoting the immigration processes required for Europe, the parallels between the UN package and George Soros’s plan become absolutely clear. And the Hungarian Government says no to the Soros Plan and rejects any and all pro-immigration initiatives”, Mr. Szijjártó underlined.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)