Three companies, investments amounting to HUF 57 billion, state subsidy worth HUF 13.8 billion, 730 new jobs: this is the bottom line of the past week.

Last week at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Head of Tisza-TK Project Ltd. announced that the company will begin construction of a wheat processing plant, which is its largest food industry investment since the fall of communism. Seventy per cent of the new plant’s products will be exported.

On 14 July – also at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade – President of Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. József Béres announced that the company will increase its production area by 1600 square metres and expand its logistics warehouse by 400 square metres.

On 17 July Péter Jancsó, CEO of Graboplast – a flooring products company celebrating its 110th anniversary – announced that in order to increase exports, its plant in Tatabánya will be expanded; in addition, developments are also being planned for its Kecskemét location.

At a press conference held on Friday, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said the following:

“We have never had to work as hard as we do nowadays in order to attract investment in Hungary by large international companies. The success we have achieved in this field is also shown by the simple fact that, for the first time, Hungary is now the highest Central European country in national FDI to GDP rankings. So we are the highest Central European country on this list, which means that Hungary attracts the most foreign direct investment compared to its gross domestic product. In order to make this pace of development sustainable in the long run, however, we have to balance the structure of investments; this means applying a structural approach, as well as a quantitative one. So we need to work at least as hard for investment from Hungarian enterprises as we do when competing for foreign investment. It is therefore a great pleasure that an increasing number of Hungarian companies can afford to increase their investments in Hungary precisely as a result of their foreign trade activities.”

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade)