According to Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó, the greatest lie told by Brussels so far has been revealed in the document prepared by the European Commission’s Legal Service on the consequences of the UN Global Compact for Migration adopted in December.

“The document, a copy of which has been acquired by Hungarian public television station M1, indicates that they are working in secret to make the UN Global Compact for Migration compulsory for all member states, despite the fact that 9 EU member states did not vote in favour of the Compact”, the Minister explained.

“During the debate on the Global Compact for Migration, every single pro-immigration politician claimed that the Compact would not be compulsory for member states”, he added.

According to M1 television news, the 53-point study describes exactly why and citing what international agreements the UN Global Compact or Migration adopted in December can be made compulsory for member states.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade explained:

“The Hungarian Government is calling on the European Commission to stop the preparation of secret plans for making the UN Global Compact for Migration compulsory, and to make public all documents prepared within the framework of this plan."

“Not a word can be believed that is uttered by the pro-immigration politicians”, he added.

On Sunday, the Hungarian Government will already be proposing that the Foreign Affairs Committee reports on the preparation of all such secret plans within the framework of an extraordinary agenda item at its session on 18 March.

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