We regard it as unacceptable that an extremist American racist organisation should hold a conference with Russian radicals here in Hungary.

As it has been revealed, the US based, extremist and racist National Policy Institute would like to organise a conference entitled “The Future of Europe – Perspectives on Geopolitics, Identity and Nationalism” from 3-5 October in Budapest. Listed first among the prospective speakers is Russian political scientist and ideologist Alexander Dugin, who is known for his radical, racist, Russian nationalist and anti-Ukrainian views and is co-founder of the National Bolshevik Front and Eurasia Party. The list also includes right wing extremist MP Márton Gyöngyösi.

The Hungarian Government strongly condemns all xenophobic and exclusionary organisations that discriminate based on religion or ethnicity. The extremists want to use the planned conference to damage Hungary’s international reputation, which the Ministry regards as unacceptable.

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade)