Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg and other heroes that saved people embarked on bringing hope to Hungarians in a hopeless situation, Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade stated on Tuesday at the inauguration of a Wallenberg memorial in Budapest.

These people saved Jews and others, risking their own life and often sacrificing it; the memorial is a sign that the Holocaust must never happen again in history, he added.

DownloadPhoto: Zsolt Burger

Karin Olofsdotter, the Swedish ambassador in Budapest, said that Wallenberg arrived in Hungary as a Swedish diplomat with the sole task to save as many Jewish people as possible.

The memorial, set up in Erzsébet square, was made by Hungarian-born Swedish sculptor Gustav Kraitz and bears the title Do not forget!. She added that the location had been picked because many young people pass through the square.

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade)