According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Minister of State for Information and Hungary’s International Image, the “Brussels pro-immigration politicians” are attempting to make the UN Global Compact for Migration compulsory, which they previously claimed will not be mandatory, through stealthy legislation.

Speaking on Hungarian M1 television’s Tuesday morning current affairs program, Tamás Menczer said the Global Compact for migration was not adopted by nine EU member states, but they nevertheless want to use it as a basis of reference in every EU document.

“At a meeting of EU and Arab League foreign ministers in Brussels on Monday, Hungary sis not support a document in which the Global Compact for Migration was cited as a joint standpoint”, he added. “It is antidemocratic to cite the Global Compact for Migration as a joint standpoint in view of the fact that one third of EU member states id not vote for it”, he declared.

“The Global Compact for Migration wants to organise and legalise illegal immigration, not stop it, and accordingly all documents that cite the Compact are also aimed at this same goal”., the Minister of State said. “The Hungarian Government does not agree with this; Hungary wants to stop migration and wants to provide assistance where the trouble is”, he emphasised. According to Mr. Menczer, the isolation of Hungarian diplomacy is an old dream of the pro-immigration forces; “we have been listening to this accusation for four years, while periods high diplomatic activity are coming one after the other, and for this reason Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó usually smiles or laughs out loud with relation to this supposed isolation”.

Speaking on Kossuth Radio’s “Good Morning, Hungary!” show, Mr. Menczer spoke about the fact that cooperation must be conducted with the countries of the Arab League within the fields of border protection, the fight against terrorism and economic development. “There are countries within the Arab League that also do not want the replacement of populations, want to protect their borders, and want to help their citizens remain in place”, he added.

With relation to the fact that the Hungarian Government will not be receiving the Dutch parliamentary delegation that wants to examine the state of the rule of law in Hungary, Mr. Menczer said: “Holland is not Hungary’s supervisory authority, and Dutch pro-immigration politicians have absolutely no right to conduct investigations in Hungary”.

“What if a Hungarian group were to investigate how it could occur that Holland’s previous ambassador to Budapest compared Hungary to the Islamic State terrorist organisation simply because we are saying no to illegal immigration”, the Minister of State asked. Judith Sargentini and Frans Timmermans, who is “George Soros’s man and the leader of Europe’s pro-immigration forces, ate also Dutch; they are obviously mobilising their connections, Mr. Menczer added.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)