Hungary has opened a consulate in Miami. In a telephone statement to Hungarian news agency MTI, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó, who officially inaugurated the diplomatic representation, said the opening of the consulate was necessary to enable better contact with the Hungarian communities living there, develop economic relations, and manage the consular affairs of people on vacation there.

The Minister said the consulate would partly represent the interests of Hungarian citizens, and partly facilitate the building of foreign trade relations.

As he explained, seven EU member states, including Germany, Italy and Holland, have consular offices in Miami, but Hungary is the first Central European country to establish one.

“Our political and economic relations with the United States are expanding and improving dynamically, American enterprises are the second largest community of investors in Hungary, and the United States is our largest export destination outside the EU”, the Hungarian Foreign Minister emphasised. “It is in our clear interests to facilitate the success of Hungarian enterprises on the American market in as many ways as possible, and that includes Florida”, Mr. Szijjártó said.

“Florida is the U.S. state with the fourth highest economic performance, with which Hungary realised 230 million dollars in trade flow last year”, Mr. Szijjártó explained. “The economic policy priorities of Hungary and Florida are very similar: we both practice foreign trade orientated economic policies and build on low taxes, small and medium-sized enterprises are extremely important with relation to economic performance, and we have both recognised the need for continuous innovation and modernisation”, he listed.

“In addition, there are some 110 thousand Hungarians or people of Hungarian descent living in the area, who live a very active community life, and who regard contact with their native country as extremely important. The second largest event on the calendar of Hungarians living in the USA, the Hungarian Festival, is held in Florida each year”, he explained.

The Foreign Minister also spoke about the fact that there are church and education organisations that are operated by Hungarians in the interests of preserving their Hungarian identities, teaching their children Hungarian, and organising cultural and family events.

According to Mr. Szijjártó., in addition to the above, many Hungarians are also travelling to Florida on vacation, and it was decided to open the consular office to provide consular representation, to nurture relations with the Hungarian communities living here, and in the interests of developing economic relations.