The new Medial Centre and wrestling hall of the Diósgyőr Sport Association, which was founded in Miskolc in 1910, have been completed; the complex was officially inaugurated on Tuesday.

At the event, it was stated that preparations for the programme had already begun in the background in 2016, when DKTK President Gergely Sántha and the club’s health director Zsolt Szabó travelled to Turin to examine a similar health complex operated by Juventus.

The realisation of the new DVTK Medical Centre, which has been constructed next to the sports club’s stadium, received the support of the Ministry of Human Capacities and some one and a half billion forints (EUR 4.5 million) in state funding based on a 2017 government decree; planning and construction took eighteen months, and as a result a nationally unique sports medicine, diagnostics and rehabilitation centre has been established on an area of some 2000 square metres.

The centre is fitted with the highest quality MRI, X-ray and physiotherapy equipment, as well as with examination rooms and other medical and rehabilitation equipment, which are at the disposal of adult and over 16 athletes from the DVTK and the region of Northern Hungary.

Thanks to this investment, Diósgyőr has become the country’s first multisport association to have its own, privately-owned complex medical centre.

At the official opening, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said: “Wherever I go in the world, there are two expressions that come to mind to everybody everywhere in connection with Hungary: Puskas and the Mighty Magyars”.

“Our achievements and traditions with relation to sport are among the Hungarian nation’s greatest resources”, he explained. “The expression ‘sports nation’ fits Hungary well, and the country is also a sporting nation”, he said.

The Minister highlighted that the government’s goal is for all children to do sports every day, for our sports facilities to be of world class quality, and for Hungary to host as many international sports events as possible.

“We have achieved major success in all three fields”, he added, noting that the government regards sport as a sector of national strategic importance.

The building of the new Medical Centre is also home to the Association’s wrestlers, with two wrestling mats, management offices, changing rooms and a sauna on an area of six hundred square metres.

President of the Hungarian Wrestling Federation Szilárd Németh said wrestling in Diósgyőr and the sport association’s wrestling division has been given a worthy place in the new facility, pointing out that DVTK is also deserving of the modern new centre in view of the fact that it has given the country outstanding wrestlers. “This complex will also belong to the region” he declared.