Speaking in the Monday evening program of Hungarian M1 TV channel, Minister of Defence István Simicskó stated that the “Soros Plan” is a very bad plan and can do a lot of harm to humankind, but many cannot see or don’t want to see that.

According to the minister of defence, what is going on in Brussels is hypocrisy, because the EU leaders know what is happening but do not tell the truth to immigrants and European citizens.

Among others, the European Union “is suffering from a spiritual crisis”, the minister noted, adding that the immigrants are not the solution for that.

The minister noted that Hungary accepts if some countries decide to bring in immigrants, but Hungary must not be obliged to make the same decision, as the people of Central Europe will decide for themselves if they want immigrants.

István Simicskó also pointed out that Hungary was the first to go on the “front line”, and has given effective responses to mass illegal migration, as besides the physical barrier and the legal border closure, the Hungarian and Schengen borders are also protected with military and law enforcement cooperation.

According to the minister, Central Europe sets an example to Brussels and Western Europe in handling the mass migration situation. He also mentioned that last week, in the framework of the Central European Defence Cooperation, Austrian, Hungarian and Czech soldiers had conducted an international border security exercise in Austria.

The minister said that the scenario of the exercise was related to illegal migration, in which first a small wave of migrants arrives, and then masses of them who become increasingly aggressive, like, for example, during the disturbance at the Röszke border crossing station.

István Simicskó stated that the ongoing cooperation with the Austrian minister of defence is very good. Austrian soldiers are currently supporting the border security operations along the southern borders of Hungary.