Hungarian soldiers, too, are playing an active part in the effort to contain the epidemic, Romulusz Ruszin, deputy head of the Defence Forces Operational Group stressed at the Saturday online press conference of the Operational Group responsible for the containment of the coronavirus epidemic.

He reported that members of the Hungarian Defence Forces had completed the disinfection of the Pesti út elderly care home in Budapest. He added that the chemical battalion had used some 1,500 litres of disinfectant, and were ready to carry out further disinfecting missions should the need arise.

He also said there are some one thousand Hungarian soldiers abroad taking part in missions; none of them has been infected with the coronavirus. Wherever other countries are reducing their military presence, Hungary is following suit. As a result, a smaller contingent returned from Mali on Monday, Mr Ruszin said.

He informed the public that this week defence control units had been assigned to another 11 companies. On this occasion, they were typically deployed at companies which are fundamentally involved in the maintenance of food security and the supply of products which are essential in the effort to contain the coronavirus epidemic.

Meanwhile, units of the Hungarian Defence Forces are taking part in the securing of the Southern border, and there are soldiers at the Northern and Western borders as well. They are additionally supporting the work of police officers in the maintenance of humanitarian corridors. Military police personnel are helping to maintain law and order with patrolling services in a number of settlements, soldiers are taking part in the guarding and protection of warehouses, and are serving as hospital commanders in 51 hospitals.