We have seen time and time again during Hungarian history that peace is a very fragile thing, it must be protected and defended, the Minister of Defence stressed in his welcome speech at the oath-taking ceremony of officers held on 20 August, Monday, in Kossuth Lajos tér outside the Parliament Building.

Tibor Benkő added that this requires a strong defence force, new military technical equipment, highly trained and well-equipped soldiers, and officers and generals who are capable of leading them.

DownloadPhoto: Gergő Botár/kormany.hu

The Zrínyi 2026 defence forces and army development plan serves these goals. It set out to ensure that Hungary’s defence forces and the country’s defence stand on firm foundations and are held in strong hands, the Minister highlighted.

In his speech Mr Benkő described the military oath as a unique oath. He pointed out that soldiers take an oath to serve Hungary faithfully, and to protect its citizens even by sacrificing their own lives if needs be.

The Minister told the attending soldiers to serve the country in a way which calls for the appreciation of every citizen of society, and to set an example in patriotism and heroism.

This year 172 officers took their military oaths in Kossuth tér outside the Parliament Building. In continuation of the Ludovika tradition that was resumed in 2011, the officer candidates confirmed their oaths by drawing their swords, with the cry “For the country, to the death”.

In addition to hundreds of members of the public, the oath-taking ceremony of officers was attended by head of state János Áder, Defence Minister Tibor Benkő, Chief of Staff Ferenc Korom, and representatives of government agencies, state and military organisations, and the diplomatic corps.