Minister of Agriculture Sándor Fazekas met businesspeople from the Chinese Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong over the weekend to discuss further opportunities for the marketing of Hungarian food industry products.

On Sunday, Minister Fazekas told Hungarian news agency MTI that he had held a meeting with Mr. Ho Yuk Chi, managing Director of Wiseville International Limited, the largest distributor of Hungarian wines in Hong Kong. The company has been helping the people of Hong Kong become acquainted with Hungarian wines since 2002.

Mr. Fazekas also met with Mr. Bennett Livel, whose company is business partner to a Hungarian manufacturer of Mangalitsa pork products. The businessman supplies Michelin star-winning Hong Kong chefs with premium quality Hungarian pork, for which demand is extremely high, according to Mr. Livel.

The Hungarian Minister of Agriculture also held discussions with former Honorary Hungarian Consul Paul Kan on ways to more efficiently introduce various Hungarian products such as truffles, waterfowl and wines into the local hotel and restaurant trade.

Mr. Fazekas and his delegation have been on an official trip to China since Tuesday, and have so far visited Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong.