“Plant protection is a key area of agriculture” - said Parliamentary State Secretary István Nagy said at a session of the Plant Protection Committee at the Ministry of Agriculture.

“The Government's Food Chain Safety Strategy aims at putting healthy, high-quality and safe products on our dinner tables”, the State Secretary recalled.


Mr. Nagy emphasised that soil protection, pest control and plant health are the starting points for safe agricultural production and food safety.

He also said that cooperation between the plant protection authority and plant protection professionals, and the application of integrated plant protection systems, would ensure that pesticide-free food products were produced. The State Secretary told the Committee that the use of plant protection products that require specialist professional knowledge based on forecasts, and the professional use of environmentally sound and integrated pest management methods mean that the use of pesticides can be kept to a minimum.


Through its preparatory work, the Committee on Plant Protection aims to promote sustainable agriculture, integrated pest management and alternative approaches and technologies in order to reduce the agricultural risk associated with the use of pesticides.

(Ministry of Agriculture Press Office)