As a result of negotiations that have been ongoing since 2012, Egypt’s Ministry of Agriculture and Soil Protection issued a license for the export of Hungarian wheat to North Africa on 10 December 2017. This has eliminated the obstacles that have always existed until now, and the phytosanitary restrictions have been lifted.

According to Egypt's plant health import requirements, a separate license is required for the import of wheat. The authorisation procedure was carried out by Egypt's plant health authority within the framework of a pest risk analysis (PRA), with detailed technical documentation prepared by the experts of the Ministry of Agriculture on the Hungarian pests of wheat and the practices applied to counteract them. As a result of five years of professional and diplomatic consultations, wheat shipments to Egypt may now begin. According to official information, maritime transport is only possible from Constanta in Romania and from the Port of Koper in Slovenia.

(Ministry of Agriculture Press Office)