“Modern-day colonialization attempts on the part of Brussels or from elsewhere are unacceptable”, Minister of Agriculture Sándor Fazekas said on Saturday in Lenti, at the 39th anniversary celebrations of the Zala County settlement being declared a city.

The politician spoke about the fact that "by creating laws and launching various infringement proceedings" we are being openly or sometimes less openly "forces" into a state union or organisation in which the Hungarians can only play a subordinate role.

According to the Minister, some people somewhere in some meeting room have decided that this present Europe is not modern enough, and that they would prefer some kind of "hazy United States of Europe". “But this intent, which can be regarded as modern colonialism, is unacceptable", said Sándor Fazekas.

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Brussels wants to talk about everything from "the curvature of cucumbers to the resettlement of people", he explained, “but it must be accepted that the Hungarian people have clearly decided that they want a Hungarian Hungary”. "We do not want a mixed society, to accept masses of people from Asia and Africa"...we do not want crime or terrorism, "and we especially don’t want others telling us" what is good for Hungary, Mr. Fazekas said.

Resettlement is an irreversible process that would "lead to the elimination of the Hungarian peoples and Christianity," and for this reason we must remain strong and unified in faith, the Minister declared

Moving on to the celebration of Lenti’s official expansion to city status, the minister said: "It is a young city, but a very old settlement whose history dates back to the Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin. Lenti Castle was first mentioned it in writing by King László IV in 1278, and it became a rarity in Hungarian history by never once falling into Turkish hands”. “Now that it is once again in Hungarian hands”, the Minister said refereeing to privatization years ago, "the Government is a partner in the reconstruction of the monumental complex".

The politician characterised Lenti as a Hungarian stronghold, because during the course of history it has always able to remain loyal to Hungary even with relation to Austria, Croatia and Slovenia. “It is also a very important point of reference for the cross-border Hungarian community, helping them to survive, strengthen economic relations, and in culture", he said.

According to the politician, Lenti is also a symbol of a successful mew beginning, as following the closure of the local barracks, the city found a new take-off point in tourism, which provides a living, life and a development opportunity.

Mr. Fazekas spoke about the fact that in the near future the city will be able to spend 300 million forints on renovating its market, 200 million on modernising kindergartens and nursery schools, and 170 million on spa development planning.

In his speech, Mayor of Lenti László Horváth emphasised amongst others the fact that 25 projects with a total value of over five billion forints (EUR 16 million) have been or are being launched in the city. Among other things, they are renovating general practitioners' offices, building a new bus station, continuing the asphalting of roads and establishing cycling routes. The reconstruction of the sewage treatment plant is also beginning at a cost of over two billion forints, and a new sports hall is also being built in Lenti as a public investment, the Mayor explained.

(Ministry of Agriculture Press Office)