At the agriculture forum organised by the Zala County Farmers’ Circles Association held on 1 December in Keszthely, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture István Nagy said that “Agriculture once again achieved excellent results in 2015. Cereal production was exceptionally high and animal husbandry output increased despite a drop in producer prices”.

In his lecture, the State Secretary stressed that that the summer harvest closed with favourable results, with 2015 cereal production equalling last year’s exceptionally high output and exceeding the five-year average by some 20 percent.

With reference to animal husbandry, he noted that agri-political solutions to the difficult market situation had been found at both domestic and EU level, as a result of which higher funding is available to improve the position of farmers. Mr. Nagy also drew attention to the fact that stocks and production increased within every branch of the animal husbandry sector.

In addition to the abovementioned favourable results, agriculture-related employment also continued to increase in 2015, thanks to which 202 thousand people were employed full time within the sector during the first three quarters of the year, which is 30 thousand more than during the similar period in 2010.

(Ministry of Agriculture)