Sales of the new Hungarian Government Bond Plus sovereign bond have exceeded 1000 billion forints (EUR 3.1 billion), Minister of Finance Mihály Varga announced on his Facebook page.

He emphasised that the new consumer bond is a simple and transparent product that provides an outstandingly high level of interest, and is easily accessible. Its annually increasing interest provides an outstanding investment opportunity in both the short and long term, and the interest earned is not even subject to interest tax, he added.

As he explained, these are just some of the reasons why the new consumer sovereign bond is proving more popular and successful than expected, with over 1000 billion forints worth of the bonds subscribed to by the Hungarian public during the past few weeks since the bond was issued.

“This is a good deal for everyone: it provides a secure and highly profitable investment for people, while providing stability to state finances”, Mr. Varga said.

(Ministry of Finance)