Dr Ildikó Vida, President of the Hungarian Tax and Customs Administration (NAV), submitted a letter of resignation to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on 20 May 2015. As the law stipulates a two-month period of notice, her legal relationship as NAV president has ended today. Until the new president is named, NAV Deputy President Árpád Varga is to take over the position.

The Hungarian economy has come to a historic milestone as it has been placed on a steady growth path after it had regained balance. The main task of Hungarian economic policy is no longer crisis management but to reinforce economic growth. The NAV, led by Dr Ildikó Vida, had a key role in stabilizing the budget. Since she was appointed in 2010, tax revenues have risen substantially and the share of the black economy has diminished. Some new control measures have been introduced, such as on-line cash registers in the retail sector and the Electronic Trade and Transport Control System (EKÁER).

In the coming economic era, Hungary needs a different taxation and customs institutional system. The Tax Reform Commission has on several occasions discussed reform proposals on taxation regulation. The Government aims to create a more task-focused and client-friendly tax office that better befits the new economic structure. The new president will be appointed after the major decisions on the reform have been made.

The Ministry for National Economy highly appreciates the efforts of Ildikó Vida as NAV president and wishes further success in her work.

(Ministry for National Economy)