There is hardly any family in Hungary that was not hit hard by the Communist dictatorship in one way or another, Minister of Finance Mihály Varga, MP for the 2nd and 3rd districts of Budapest, said in Budapest at a commemoration ceremony held by the Christian Democratic People’s Party.

Together with Deputy Mayor of Budapest Gábor Bagdy and Mayor of 2nd district Zsolt Láng he has laid a wreath at the memorial plaque of the victims of Communism on the outer wall of the prison in Gyorskocsi Street.

“The events taking place after the revolution – hundreds of murders, tens of thousands of incarcerations – have been absorbed by Hungarians like forcibly swallowed poison”, Mihály Varga said. “After the revolution had been crushed moral nihilism took over and created distorted mentality”, he noted. “Where there is tyranny, everybody is a link in the chain; you stink and emit it too, you are also tyranny,” the Minister quoted Gyula Illyés, adding that “it takes long for the distortions of the soul to be cured”.

The key conclusion of the decades of Communism is that “fear-induced madness is infective and unless we are careful enough it creates another form of madness. When we commemorate the victims of Communism and confronting the heavy burden left behind by that era we are rebuilding our pride as a nation”, he pointed out.

(Ministry of Finance)