Hungary has a strong and firm nation strategy, and this is provably leading the country to ever further economic and social results.

Gábor Gion, Minister of State for Finances of the Ministry of Finance said at the event several panel discussions will be held, three of which the Minister of State himself will attend. At these he will talk about the growth of the Hungarian economy, the continuously improving macro-economic data and the prominent role of the V4. Further topics include the direction of developments in the Carpathian Basin and the region’s competitiveness, he said.

He reported that, according to some speakers, nationalism is undergoing a new Renaissance in Europe. In the opinion of the Minister of State, this is not the case; in Hungary there is strong national awareness and a strong nation policy, which do not equal nationalism.

The Krynica Economic Forum held for the 29th time this year is one of the most important opinion making events of the Central and Eastern European region where every year the region’s key economic, political and social leaders, business managers and experts gather together to discuss current problems. The forum is being attended by almost two thousand participants.

(Ministry of Finance/MTI)