Sustainability, also declared in the European Commission’s new action plan, which can be achieved in transport through the reduction of the emission of pollutants is important, the Minister of State for Transport Policy of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology said on Wednesday on the public service television news channel M1.

László Mosóczi added that, if possible, in transport pollutant emissions should be reduced to zero by 2050.

He said transport is responsible for one quarter of aerial pollutants; emissions should be reduced through action plans, developments and new technologies. At the same time, we must take account of the fact that the need for passenger transportation is on the rise continuously, as is the quantity of goods to be transported.

Sustainable transport rests on four main pillars – the reduction of hydrocarbons, the digitisation of transport, intelligent investments and innovation, he stressed, observing that public transport must be a priority everywhere for the reduction of pollutant emissions.

Electric vehicles are the future, and therefore the government has recently adopted a decision, laying down that from 2022 only electric buses will be allowed to be commissioned, and by virtue of investments currently under way, the average age of buses will also decrease, Mr Mosóczi pointed out.

In the programme, viewers were informed that in Hungary between 2017 and 2024 the high-speed road network will be developed and bypass roads will be built from an allocation worth HUF 3,200 billion.