“We would like young Hungarians to be the winners of the future, and not even the coronavirus pandemic can prevent us from reaching this goal”, Deputy Minister for Innovation and Technology Tamás Schanda declared.

“For precisely this reason, as one of the measures of the Economy Protection Action Plan, we have enabled the issuing of diplomas that has until now been impossible due to the lack of a foreign language certificate”, the Ministry’s Parliamentary and Strategic State Secretary explained. “Students who have already passed their final examinations are in possession of the required professional knowledge, and accordingly are able to effectively take part in the further reinforcement of the economy, which also facilitates the building of their careers. Higher education institutions have so far issued some 101 thousand diplomas thanks to the government’s decision”, Mr. Schanda said.

One of the measures included in the Economy Protection Action Plan was the fact that students who have passed their final exams by 31 August 2020 will be able to receive their diplomas even without the usually compulsory foreign language certificate(s).

The measure is valid for all forms of higher education training with the exception of PhDs, including earlier college and university courses, bachelor’s degree courses, master’s degree courses, combined bachelor’s and master’s degree courses and higher education vocational training courses, irrespective of the form of funding (scholarship or self-financed). The opportunity is also available to students who would have had to take several language examinations, including high-level and specialist language exams, in order to receive their diplomas.

Thanks to the introduction of this exemption from the usual requirements, over one hundred thousand diplomas have already been issued, 81 thousand of which have already been received by those affected. The diplomas may also be issued by post as an official document. In certain cases, and in particular in the case of people who took their final exams some time ago, students may be required to confirm their personal details.

The Ministry for Innovation and Technology, in cooperation with higher education institutions, is doing everything possible to enable students to successfully continue and complete their studies.

(MTI/Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister)