“1956 occupies a special place in our hearts; this is the origin of all our achievements”, Minister for Innovation and Technology László Palkovics said on Monday at a ceremony at the Vigadó Concert Hall in Budapest, where he presented state awards and university and college academic appointments to mark the anniversary of the 1956 Revolution and Fight for Freedom.

“The fall of communism began in Hungary, and it even shook the Soviet Union; As Otto Hapsburg put it: 1956 is the Stalingrad of communism”, the Minister recalled.

“The enchained people spoke out, did not tolerate the injustice, and stated: enough! The world watched the revolution with admiration; the heroes opened up their eyes: the inhuman system will not last forever”, he added.

“In 1956, every single drop of blood was also spilled for Europe; we were defending common European values”, Mr. Palkovics declared.

“Hungary is a sovereign state that is on a developing trajectory, and this could not be the case without 1956. We are preserving our Christian European values”, the Minister stated.

“We also need examples today; history does not stop”, Mr. Palkovics added, thanking the award winners and newly appointed academics for their committed and humble work of high professional quality. “The nation needs the examples you set”, he emphasised.

The Minister presented university and college academic appointments and state awards, including the Gábor Baross Award, a Medal for Transport, a Medal for Hungarian Prosperity, and ministerial certificates of acknowledgement to mark the 63rd anniversary of the 1956 Revolution and Fight for Freedom.

The list of the event’s awardees and appointees is available (in Hungarian) among the linked documents.