“Early next year, the organisation of the 2021 Budapest World Hunting Exhibition will enter its realisation phase”, Government Commission for the realisation of the “One with Nature” International Hunting and Nature Exhibition and the related series of programs Zoltán Kovács said at a press discussion in Budapest on Tuesday.

Mr. Kovács added that the Office of the Government Commissioner, which will be operating within the Ministry for Innovation and Technology, will be responsible for holding the events organised during the Exhibition.

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He told the press that the Government will be providing 7 billion forints (EUR 21.7 million) in funding from the central budget for the realisation of preparations for the World Expo, including the setting up of the Office of the Government Commissioner and the project company required for the performance of its duties. This company will coordinate and assist the measures relating to the organisation of the International Exhibition, as well as overseeing the distribution of the required funding, the Government Commissioner said.

Mr. Kovács added that according to the Government Decree published in the Hungarian Gazette on 13 December, the Government Commissioner responsible for organising the Exhibition and Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén must finalise the 2020-2021 budget relating to preparations for the World Hunting Exhibition and the related series of programs by the end of 2019. In reply to a question, he said the Exhibition is expected to attract one million visitors, and this also indicates the touristic importance of the event.

DownloadPhoto: Károly Árvai/kormany.hu

Zsolt Semjén told reporters that the 2021 World Hunting Exhibition rests on three pillars: construction work, maintaining contact with international organisations, and the realisation of concrete events. The construction work falls within the sphere of competence of Government Commissioner for Priority Budapest Development Projects and International Sports Bids Balázs Fürjes, maintaining contact falls within the sphere of authority of Ministerial Commissioner for performing the tasks relating to the planning and realisation of the “One with Nature” International Exhibition József Károlyi, while Government Commissioner Zoltán Kovács is responsible for the realisation of events. With relation to the location of the Expo in Budapest, he noted that the Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center will be the central location for the event, but Budapest Zoo and Kincsem Park will also be important locations. “The reconstruction of Hungexpo, the refurbishment of existing pavilions and the construction of new ones, as well as the development of the transport infrastructure that provides access to the exhibition centre, is not just important because of the World Hunting Exhibition, in view of the fact that the International Eucharistic Congress will also be held there in 2020, and for this reason the Government is not handling the development projects bring realised at Hungexpo with relation to the two events separately, but together”, he said.

Mr. Semjén recalled that Hungary last held a world hunting exhibition in 1971, where other fields such as equestrian sports were also presented. Accordingly, in addition to hunting, at the 2021 Exhibition major emphasis will also be placed on showcasing other areas, such as angling, forestry, conservation, equestrian sports, archery, falconry and hunting dogs. In addition, game and fish gastronomy and the presentation of the related wine culture will also play an important role at the Exhibition.

The Deputy Prime Minister highlighted the fact that the 2021 World Hunting Exhibition will be about Hungarian game management, Hungarian hunting culture and Hungary’s treasures. The organisation of the 2021 World Hunting Exhibition will generate major tourism income for Budapest and all of Hungary in view of the fact that hunters from all over the world will be arriving in the country, who in addition to viewing the Exhibition will almost certainly also go hunting in state forests. “In addition to hunting, visitors will be able to enjoy a host of programmes ranging from culture to gastronomy at the Exhibition”, Mr. Semjén said.