We are seeking to establish fair cooperation with Budapest’s new leaders. At the same time, the government is asking the Metropolitan General Meeting to decide one by one on the projects featured in the agreement that is already in force.

Government Spokesperson István Hollik recalled that there are developments worth in total HUF 4,350 billion in question. However, the government does not wish to force anything upon the people of Budapest that the city leaders they elected do not want.

In answer to the question as to whether this could result in half-finished concrete structures, for instance, in Városliget (City Park), the Government Spokesperson said this is the responsibility of the Budapest leadership; the Metropolitan General Assembly will have to decide.

He observed that the list of developments is long, extending from a metro refurbishment project, through an athletics stadium, to a multifunctional event hall for the European handball championship.

According to Mr Hollik, if Budapest says no, for instance, to the construction of the athletics stadium, it will have to hand back the hosting rights as they were awarded to the capital. In the case of the European handball championship, Hungary submitted a joint bid with Slovakia. If the capital does not wish to host the event, it will then be possible to find another host country.