“We are facing a show trial in the European Parliament (EP) debate on the so-called Sargentini Report, in which fact and substantive elements play an extremely minor role”, Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács declared in Brussels.

In a statement to Hungarian reporters, the Government Spokesperson said the true target of the report on Hungary and the debate set for Tuesday’s plenary session of the EP in Strasbourg is the Hungarian Government’s anti-migration politics, and the report is aimed at forcing Hungary to change its standpoint and “put Hungary on trial in this regard”.

According to Mr. Kovács, the report in the most part contains lies and false claims, as well as being a collection of previously closed issues. “The political motivation behind it clearly indicates what interests are behind this attempt to use the European Parliament to achieve these goals”, he stated.

“It is the Government’s job, and during the course of the debate it will be the task of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, to defend its standpoint and represent the will of the Hungarian electorate”, he said.

The Government Spokesperson said it is dangerous for certain forces to split the European Parliament for party political and ideologically motivated reasons, and to exploit certain countries, previously Poland, and now Hungary, to achieve their own political goals. “If the EP falls into this trap it will be hurting all of Europe”, he underlined.

“Earlier statements by French President Emmanuel Macron, and what the Sargentini Report represents, are suitable for achieving this”, he said.

“As it has done so previously, Hungary will once again fight for justice and for its political position, because it has nothing to be ashamed about and it knows that it is right with relation to most issues”, he declared.

“The fact that Hungary is at the centre of attention in Europe means that it is talking about things that are worth talking about, and which are important and weighty issues. Issues that form the essence of the future of Europe and the European project”, Mr. Kovács highlighted.

“As it has done consistently in recent years, Hungary also represents a clear position with regard to this issue. It is clear what Hungary thinks about migration, economic problems, the issue of how institutions operate or with regard to the state of European democracy”, he underlined. “The democratic deficit that has developed in recent years in Europe’s institutions cannot be maintained. If European institutions do not pay attention to the will of the voters and to what they regard as real problems, it will lead to major problems in the long term”, he added.

At a press conference before members of the international press, the Government Spokesperson stressed that Hungary rejects all previously observed double standards used with relation to several areas. “We must return to absolutely equal treatment, including with relation to political proceedings. Western European countries must regard Hungarian interests and goals, including its will with relation to migration, as just as important and determinative as their own”, he declared. “And the debate on Hungary must be conducted based on common sense, not on an ideological basis”, he underlined.

In reply to a question concerning the role of the Hungarian governing party within the European People’s Party (EPP), Mr. Kovács declared that the governing coalition is part of the EPP and will be assisting the EPP as the strongest party at the European Parliament elections due to be held next spring.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)