Guy Verhofstadt supported decisions in the European Parliament that would enforce mandatory resettlement quotas, would impose significant fines on non-compliant member states and would assign a role for non-governmental organizations in the resettlement process, Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács recalled in his open letter to the head of the European Parliament’s liberal group on Thursday.

When Hungary had a referendum on whether the EU could relocate migrants onto the territory of the country without the national Parliament’s consent, Mr. Verhofstaft was the one who ostentatiously encouraged Hungarians to vote yes. Now he claims it is a lie, that there was never such a plan; this is outrageous, Mr. Kovács writes in the letter published on

Mr. Kovács calls Mr. Verhofstadt a reliable ally to George Soros. His name appears prominently on the leaked internal list of the Soros network, a list that names reliable allies in the European Parliament as supporters of Soros-backed causes.

In his recent Facebook rant, Mr. Verhofstadt writes that the national consultation contains “pure lies” and he EU must make clear that such campaigns are not compatible with the values we share in Europe.

In reaction, Mr. Kovács argues that in Hungary’s national consultation, each question is supported by word-for-word quotes from George Soros or other references.

“I suppose we should not be surprised. Those like you who promote this pro-immigration position and the ideological agenda of Soros are the very same people who would relocate migrants onto the territory of sovereign states, without any regard for the will of the people”, Mr. Kovács closed his letter.