Under Olivér Várhelyi’s leadership, the enlargement portfolio will strengthen the European Union, Minister of State for International Communication and Relations Zoltán Kovács wrote in a post on Twitter on Wednesday, criticising the opposition for trying to prevent the Hungarian candidate’s appointment as commissioner.

“Though they tried everything, the Hungarian opposition’s shameful and hostile intervention failed miserably. Olivér Várhelyi prevailed as a candidate who is suitable for the job. Under his leadership, the enlargement portfolio will solidify the bloc’s strength,” Mr Kovács wrote.

The Minister of State has faith in that the new European Commission led by Ursula von der Leyen will stop illegal immigration, and will regard the protection of Christian culture and Europe itself as its primary responsibility.

On Monday, Olivér Várhelyi was given the approval of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee after the coordinators of the parliamentary groups found his answers given to supplementary written questions satisfactory. On Thursday, the Conference of Presidents functioning as the European Parliament’s house committee will review the evaluations and recommendations, and will – as expected – conclude the hearings. The plenary session of the European Parliament will also have to vote on the entire commission. If everything goes to plan, that will take place on 27 November. This is also subject to a final conclusion that it is legally possible for the new European Commission to enter into office despite the fact that the government of the United Kingdom which is about to leave the EU has not nominated a member to the commission.

The new European Commission headed by Ursula von der Leyen would have entered into office on 1 November; however, this had to be postponed. The current target date is 1 December.