On Friday, after the EU-Turkey summit, Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács said that the referendum on quotas regulating the distribution of migrants has never been as timely as it is now.

The Government Spokesperson explained that, although the agreement reached on Friday between the EU and Turkey is an important achievement, the migration crisis has not come to an end, and mandatory resettlement quotas still pose a threat.

This agreement clearly shows that the leaders of Europe still see compulsory resettlement as the solution to the crisis, Mr. Kovács said.

“Hungary shall continue to reject all proposals aimed at this type of resettlement – especially mandatory quotas – and we insist on allowing all Member States to decide for themselves on whether or not they wish to let migrants enter their territories”, he emphasised.

“With their votes Hungarian citizens can also help the Government of Hungary to represent its position on the matter in a consistent manner”, Mr. Kovács added.