Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács told M1 Hungarian television’s Friday morning current affairs program that the referendum is not irrelevant; its goal is to prevent the establishment of a permanent EU mechanism that would lead to the distribution of an undetermined number of migrants.

“There are eight EU decisions that point in the direction of a permanent distribution mechanism”, he added.

“The quota is the false unit of solidarity. It is not only unlawful, but it is also impossible to implement, because migrants who are in the European Union cannot be kept in a country they don’t want to be in against their will”, Mr. Kovács explained.

The Government Spokesperson pointed out that a year ago the country was the brunt of incredible accusations and slanders because of the border security fence, citing how refugees are treated, when in fact all the Hungarian Government did was protect the European Union’s external Schengen border. Since them, more and more countries have begun following Hungarian practice.

“We don’t like building fences either, but there is no other viable alternative. Time has proven that the fence works”, declared Mr. Kovács, according to whom a possible method of handing the problem would be to not let trouble in and instead provide assistance at the point where it is needed.