“In cooperation with the Soros network, the pro-immigration forces will be stepping up their attacks against Hungary in 2019”, Government Spokesperson István Hollik declared in a video uploaded to the Government’s Facebook page on Friday.

“We have already seen the first signs of this in the form of violent street protests”, Mr. Hollik said.

“They are attacking Hungary because it is standing in the way of the whole pro-immigration policy, in addition to which it is also gaining more and more allies with relation to the issue”, he stated.

“They are attacking the anti-immigration national government because they want to remove it and place Soros’s people in power, who would gladly implement the admittance of migrants and give up our national sovereignty”, declared the Government Spokesperson, according to whom if the pro-immigration forces once again achieve a majority at May’s European Parliament elections, Europe will become an immigrant continent.

The proposals of the pro-immigration forces “are already on the tables of Brussels decision-makers”, and the goal of the proposals is to “increase, accelerate and facilitate the inflow of migrants into Europe”, Mr. Hollik added.