“It is out of spite that the internationalist, pro-immigration forces do not want someone to become a member of the European Commission, in the person of László Trócsányi, who played an active part in protecting Hungary’s borders”, The Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister’s State Secretary for International Communication and Relations Zoltán Kovács said in an interview on Kossuth Radio’s “Sunday Papers” show on Sunday morning.

Mr. Kovács said the Hungarian Government is watching events in the European Parliament (EP) with outrage. “We thought that following the previous witch hunt and smear campaign of the European Parliament, there will perhaps now follow a more considerate and somewhat more consolidated period”, he said.

He stressed that the EP’s Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) is trampling on European law and is continuing the campaign of revenge launched against Hungary by the pro-immigration parliamentary majority by determining a conflict of interests with relation to the appointment of László Trócsányi as EU Commissioner.

The State Secretary said it was absolutely obvious that the internationally respected and acknowledged Hungarian legal expert is being persecuted as part of a “show trial”, meaning that in his opinion a conflict of interests is not the true reason that the “left-wing, pro-immigration majority” have attacked László Trócsányi in the EP.

He highlighted the fact that even prior to the migration crisis it was apparent that nothing is too costly for the left, the socialists and the liberals, when it comes to attacking the Government.

“They also launched legal action for trumped up reasons at the time with relation to the new Constitution, organic laws, and a host of other economic and social measures”, he stated.

“The situation only became worse after the migration crisis broke out in 2015”, he said. Mr. Kovács said the behaviour of the Democratic Coalition is reminiscent of communist times, and its practicing of internationalism that caused so much damage to Hungary in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

“This is a type of internationalism that does not accept any kind of differing approach, and not just with relation to the issue of migration, but also in connection with everything else”, the State Secretary said,

He said that in his opinion if anyone still had any doubts with relation to the events of recent years, the picture will now be absolutely clear following the “slander and smear campaign” against László Trócsányi: “There is a revenge campaign being conducted against Hungary by the pro-immigration side”.

“Those who are on this internationalist witch hunt could not leave the fact that Hungary and László Trócsányi could be receiving a portfolio of key importance such as the post of Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement, which is one of the most important with relation to the future of Europe, without a response”, he added.

The State Secretary stressed that László Trócsányi was one of the key figures in drawing up the legal border barrier that, together with the border security fence constructed in 2015 and reinforced border protection, succeeded in making Hungary’s defence against migration effective.

“The Hungarian Government continues to regard László Trócsányi as an excellent candidate, and a ‘true European’, who has proven on multiple occasions that he is capable of defining perspectives and goals that correspond to the pan-European image concerning the future of the continent”, he said.

Mr. Kovács said the EP’s Legal Affairs Committee has indicated that it will be issuing its written explanation on its decision relating to Mr. Trócsányi on Monday.